The iMETOS will consist in minimum of one stainless steel holder wearing the small Box with the
electronic and the modem, the battery, the small solar panel and the antenna.

Beside of the iMETOS itself you will find in its box a pair of clamps to mount it on the pole. If it has an
anemometer you will find the cup wheel and a small Allen-key. If it has an anemometer and a wind
direction sensor it will have two more mounting clamps and a holder for wind direction and wind speed.
Beside of this you will find a manual and a letter with you access codes for FieldClimate.com portal.

You will find the battery mounted inside the station. The rain gauge is mounted on the right side of the
station and the barometric pressure you will find in the holder next to it. The solar panel, the radiation
shield with temperature and relative humidity sensor and the global radiation sensor will be connected
with the main electronic box and have to be mounted on the holder. The antenna for the GPS system
might be dismounted too and has to be screwed into the holder of the antenna.
Other sensors, like wind speed, wind direction, leaf wetness, soil temperature, wet and dry bulb
temperature you will find connected to the main electronic box with 3m or 5m long cables.

The selection of sensors, connected to your iMETOS depends on the model you have ordered. The table
below gives you a short overview of the available models.