Eventually it can be necessary to manually upload firmware. To do this follow the given steps:

1.      Plug the USB and set the Boot jumper. If not done yet, insert the SIM card and connect the antenna.

2.      If the battery is unplugged: Plug battery.

3.      Check whether the station is in boot mode and the Pessl bootloader is installed: Yellow LED in the lower row is on.

4.      If the station is not in boot mode: Press Reset button on the board.

5.      In Firmware Up-loader:

1.      Click “Select FW” and select the correct firmware binary file.

2.      Check that Device “iMetos3.3” is selected.

3.      Select the correct COM Port.

4.      Click “Upload firmware”.

5.      After successful upload, the board automatically restarts, starts communication with the web-server and enters the boot menu. The boot menu is a simple version of the terminal menu, offering only limited options.

6.      To leave the boot menu/boot mode click “Close Port”, remove the Boot jumper, remove the USB cable and press reset on the board.