Direct communication PC <=> iMetos3.3 is possible with a standard USB/mini-USB cable, using any terminal program. On below picture you can see a mini-USB connector on iMetos 3.3 board.


USB driver must be installed on the PC and a terminal program is required (we suggest TeraTerm, but you can also use any other one). You will find the USB driver for all operative systems at:


For iMetos 3.3 Pessl Instruments has develop an specific terminal program named  “PI Firmware uploader” witch combines on site firmware updating capabilities with serial terminal connection to the iMetos3.3, you can find it at:


Via USB connection user can perform the following tasks on-site:

1.      fully update the iMetos firmware

2.      check all sensors

3.      get report and events from the unit

4.      follow detailed communication process

5.      retrieve stored data in binary form

6.      from Firmware version 4.0 and later check network signal strength and unlock SIM card