Every sensor has to have a different proper and unique identification (unique ID), this is the MAC address or chain channel number (assigned by iMetos).

Chain_channel number:

The chain_channel number identifies the position of a sensor on the iMETOS 3.3. It is made up of the
chain number and the channel number of the sensor.

The chain number is assigned according to the input connector:

            Chain 0 = Main sensors + HC2 + Duty sensors

            Chain 1 = Chain at input 1

            Chain 2 = Chain at input 2

            Chain 3 = Chain at input 3

            Chain 4 = Chain at input 4

            Chain 5 = Chain at dedicated input (RS485)

            Chain 6 = Extension board input A / Radio node sensors

            Chain 7 = Extension board input B

            Chain 8 = Radio node sensors

The channel number of any sensor connected to the PIbus is assigned according to the position of the sensor on the chain node and the proximity of the node to the iMetos. For RadioNode is assigned in chronological order of peering with the iMetos. The channel numbers of Chain 0 are given in the following table:


The chain_channel number is then calculated as

Chain number * 2000 + Channel number


a) Direct connected sensors
Wind speed sensor connected to WIND input: Chain = 0, Channel = 6 → Chain_channel = 6 (as result of: 0·2000+6=6)

Global radiaton sensor connected in input sensor connected to input_1: Chain = 0, Channel = 1 → Chain_channel = 1 (as result of: 0·2000+1=1)

b) Pibus conneted sensors
Last (*) sensor in a PIbus chain with 4 sensors connected to input 3:
• Chain = 3, Channel = 4 → Chain_channel = 6004 (as result of: 3·2000+4=6004)

Third (*) sensor in a PIbus chain with 18 sensors connected to dedicated input:
• Chain = 5, Channel = 3 → Chain_channel = 10003 (as result of: 5·2000+3=10003)

(*) In a Pibus chain the order of the sensors corresponds to 1st of the internal order of the modules connected and as 2nd sensor is sensor1 in the external sensor box directly connected to the iMETOS, the 2nd is sensor connected to the 1st, the 3rd to the 2nd... so on until the last witch has no.

Sensor code:

The sensor code specifies the sensor type, in Appendix 1 one you will find the complete list at the time of this edition. An example of codes are: