Puccinia graminis Infection Model

Puccinia graminis infections are taking place after x) some hours of leaf wetness at optimum temperature conditions. The fungus can infect over a wide range of temperatures. x) The model assumes that infection needs an accumulated hourly air temperature of 80°C of leaf wetness in a air temperature range from 10°C to 35°C. It prefers a little higher temperatures than P. tritici and the infection has to be followed by sunlight.

  • Leaf wetness for accumulated hourly average temperatures for 80°C followed by a light geriod (150 W/m²) for accumulated hourly average temperatures for 30°C
    • (if T <= 24°C then ∑(Th) else ∑ Th-24
    • 10°C < Temp. < 35°C

In Fc P. graminis infection is calculated on the above descibed conditions (green line). When 100% infection is shown the conditions have been favourable for the fungus and a plant protection measurement (curative) has to be taken into account.