Practical Use of the Black Leg Models

The Black Leg Model starts with the assessement if a Black Leg infeciton is possilbe in late summer and early autum. This part of the model can be used as an negativ prognosis. It has been tested for the UK climate to estimate the first occurence of P. lingam infections. This model is valid for cool and humid climate. It should be used with some caution in continental climate like Hungaria or Austria. The models for Ascospore maturation, ascospore realse and ascospore infection are showing possible ascospore infections during autum. This models are basing on the biology of the pathogen and will most propably show more ascospore infecitons than you might find in the field. This is because on base of the climate data we do not know anything about the inoculum density and the precrops of the rape fields. Anyhow if one or several ascospore infecitons are fitting to the susceptible plant stages after emergence P. lingam infections will take place and secundary infections from conidia have to be expected during warm and moist periods in fall or spring.
Conidia infections are indicated do to the leaf wetness periods needed for a conidia infection.