Pore EC

For the Decagon 5TE sensor it is now possible to calculate in FieldClimate the Pore EC according to the method illustrated in the 5TE Operators. Manual Version 3 – Decagon, derived form Hilhorst, M.A. 2000. To activate the calculation you have to switch it on in the Soil moisture configuration tool as indicated in Fig. 1. The calculation requires an offset term, which Decagon recommends to set equal to 6. This is also the default value inserted in FieldClimate, but it’s possible to change it in the relative box indicated in Fig. 1, since Hilhorst applies for different soils and media values between 1,9 and 7,6 and suggest to use an average value of 4,1.


Fig. 1 – Only for Decagon 5TE sensor: activation of the pore EC calculation and offset term setting.


  • Remember that Bulk EC, Pore EC and Solution EC are different variables.
  • The applied model cannot be used in dry soil. As a rule of thumb, the model applies for most normal soils and other substrates, if VWC > 10% . In any case the calculation is valid only with bulk permittivity bigger than the offset term.