To assist you during the focusing, in this mode PI CropVIEW Focus filters the edges of the image and converts the
total amount of edges into a figure that we call “detail level”.

An image with a higher number of edges is sharper or more focused. Actual detail level is an indicator of the
focus accuracy. The higher the value, the more focused the image.


Actual detail level: Displays the detail level of the most recent image.

Last detail level: Displays the detail level of the previously received image, indicates whether you are turning the
camera lens in the right direction.

Best detail level: Displays the highest of all detail levels measured in the process

Reset Detail: Resets the detail level fields.

B/W: Option to display the image in Black & White or in colour.

Connect to Camera: Starts the USB communication between PC and the camera.

Start: Starts the image capturing process.

Stop: Stops the image capturing process.

Status: Here you can see the actual action that the system is performing.