The CropVIEW® system is composed of three parts:

The main unit. Including:
• Cameras and optics (wide/narrow angle)
• Processor, modem, USB port
• SIM card holder,
• UMTS/GPS antenna,
• Holder with pitch angle selector (0°,11°,22°,33, 44°)
• Eyehole pointer

Control Unit, which commands the main unit. Including:

• Power supply
• Sensor set

The FieldClimate platform. Including:

• Pictures hosting
• Image processing
• Diseases modeling, weather forecast
• Coming new value adding services


CropVIEW® is to be used in all areas covered at least by UMTS (3G) networks. It is equipped with a solar panel
and a battery for all year-round standalone functioning. After installing the unit and setting the recording interval,
CropVIEW® is already fully operational.

CropVIEW field device needs 3G (UMTS) coverage, and will not be operational under 2G (GPRS) services.

Several versions of CropVIEW® are available with different levels of output offer. Please contact us for further
information at support at metos.at

The CropVIEW camera uses a set of lenses that should be focused manually. They are delivered already focused
for 2.5m to the objective picture. For a different distance, onsite manual focus is essential.