μMETOS Blue is designed to monitor soil moisture at the crop and to present this data on
FieldClimate.Com. μMETOS might be used to monitor only one site or it can be used to monitor several
sites in a short distance. These sites will be connected with cables.

μMETOS Blue supports different ways of soil moisture measurement. All these different sensors will need
different electronics. For this purpose it will always consist of the main PCB (responsible for logging) and
in minimum one second PCB (responsible for sensor evaluation). If it is made to monitor one spot this
second and only sensor evaluation PCB will be in the same box than the main PCB. If it is used to monitor
several sites with a cable connection, other sites will have their own sensor evaluation PCBs in own boxes.

All the PCBs for sensor evaluation do have a line going towards the μMETOS Blue and a line going
towards the next PCB for sensor evaluation. Several of this sensor evaluation PCBs can be linked together
in a chain. Nevertheless it might be needed to create a network where the sensing sites are going in two
or 3 directions away from the μMETOS Blue. In this case the μMETOS Blue supports up to 3 sensor chains.
For sensor chain 2 and 3 an extension PCB is needed.