iMETOS weather and soil moisture stations support awide range of soil moisture sensors. This manual
covers the most common of them.

From tensiometric soil moisture measuring they support:
- Tensiometers with Pessl Instruments pressure transducer head
- Watermark sensors
- Decagon MPS1

From volumetric water content measuring they support:
- Decagon 10HS
- Decagon EC5
- Decagon 5TE
- Decagon 5TM
- Decagon GS1
- Decagon GS3
- Sentek Drill&Drop

The soil moisture sensors are supported by nodes for PI sensor bus. These nodes connect PI sensor bus to
RS485 input on the PCB. iMETOS 3.3 has one native RS485 input and can be expanded by 2 more on the
extension connector. The PI sensor nodes come with a shielded 4-wire cable. The cable has the following
color code:
- Bare, Gray or Blue: Shield
- White: Ground
- Yellow: Data A
- Green: Data B
- Brown: VVC

The RS485 connectors on the PCB are labelled with SH(D) (Shield), WH(T) (Ground), YE(L) (Data A), GR(N)
(Data cool and BR(N) (VVC). With a little interface PCB in the cable all the sensor bus nodes can be
connected to the inputs 1 to 4 too.