Setup your camera, but be aware that bad settings can result in corrupted images. Change the settings only if
you are confident you know what you are doing. Otherwise we recommend to use the default settings.

With „on/off“ button you can turn on and off both cameras.

Exposure mode is recommended to be set to Automatic and Max integration time and brightness reference to
default values (you can always click on „Reset to default“ button to get back the default values).

Red and white squares are Brightness squares (red square: measuring point is turned on, white square: measuring
point is turned off). With this option you can select the measuring points in which you want to measure the
image brightness used by the automatic exposure algorithm. This comes handy, if at a part of picture there is a
high amount of light and auto exposure automatically dims the part of picture of your interest (you can deselect
measuring point at very bright part to have better brightness on the rest of a picture).

When you finish with configuration, do not forget to save new settings that you made (click on „Save CropVIEW
settings“ button)!