Apple Scab is the most devasting disease of the apple tree. It is caused by the fungal pathogen (Ascomycete) Venturia inaequalis. The disease occurs worldwide in all apple growing areas. It has been the first plant disease for which weather data based plant disease models have been developed and used in practical horticulture. MILLS and LAPLANTE (1945) described the period of leaf wetness, which is needed to infect apple leaves.

Table of Content:

  • Apple Scab Biology
  • Apple Scab Ascospore Formation and Discharge Model
  • Graphical presentation of the Ascospore formation
  • Apple Scab Ascospore Infection
  • Apple Scab Conidia Infection
  • Graphical presentation of the Ascospore and Conidia Infection
  • Practical Use of Scab Models