iMETOS ECO D3 includes the chipset for radio linking remote radio-nodes of sensors and actuators. The
radio-node net has an star topology (iMETOS controls the net, RadioNodes are peer to it). 16 remote
radio-nodes can be connected to the iMETOS ECO D3. Radio-nodes should be places in a line of sight at a
maximum distance of 800m from the iMETOS ECO D3. At the time of this edition we have four different Radio
Nodes that can be connected in the iMETOS ECO D3 radio network:

• iMETOS Radio Node Climate - with input for Rain, RH/Temp., Pressure Switch/LWS, 2 Temp.
Sensors, 2 Watermarks/2DecagonSoil
• iMETOS Radio Node DD - with solar panel and input for Rain, 1 Drill&Drop Sensor, 2 Watermarks,
2 Decagon
• iMETOS Radio Node Watermark/Decagon - with input for Rain, 1 Temp. Sensor, 4 Watermarks, 4
• iMETOS WAN (wireless activator node)