iMETOS ECO D3 is mainly used for soil moisture monitoring. If this is in a
permanent crop, it can be out in the field for its lifetime. But it might be that it
should change the position or that the crop will not last for longer. In this case the
iMETOS eco D3 has to be uninstalled. If you do so plan some time for it. If you like to
remove the soil moisture sensors ready for reusing you have to dig carefully behind
the cables. Make sure that you will not damage them. If the iMETOS will be
installed immediately after this at another site, do this. If the iMETOS should wait in a
shed for the next season, please disconnect the battery. For this you have
to open the housing with the six screws. The Allen key which came with is 2.5 mm. If you do not
disconnect the battery the iMETOS will send data for another 2 month and after this the battery will be
too weak. If you like to use it in the next spring it will need several days in sun before it can transmit data