To start up the iMETOS you will need a valid GSM contract with the possibility to send at least 5MB data
on GPRS per month and with the ability to send and receive SMS-messages. This contract has to be
activated up front. Please make sure that the PIN code of the SIM-card is deactivated. To deactivate it you
will need a mobile phone of the same company.

The iMETOS housing is closed with 6 M3 screws. To open them you will need an Allen key of 2.5 mm. This
is part of the delivery. When you opened it the lower part will be still hanging on the upper part, due to
the short connection of the battery. The battery has to be pulled out of the top with care. Do not use to
much force for this. It might help to knock at the site of the top and pull softly. Please open the iMETOS
and enter the SIM-card. If the system has been send by any type of parcel service the power will be
disconnected. Please connect the power after inserting the SIM card. Please check if the solar panel is
connected as well.

If the power is connected press the little black button to initialise an internet connection. The success of
this can be observed by a blinking code of the iMETOS LED and the modem PCB LED.
If the SIM card has been successfully inserted your iMETOS has registered in the internet and it will send
data to the web server. To access this data use http://www.fieldclimate.com. All settings on data upload
times, time zone, position and much more can be set up on this web site. To use it you will have to
register as a user first.

To close the iMETOS again it will need to enter the battery again and to fit the top on the button part. If
all fits together insert the 6 scres and tide them carefully.