Practical Use Fire Blight on Pears

Aim of the Fire Blight Models is it to assess the probability of infections by Erwinia amyloflora in the orchard.

Fb4 1 Fb1

The MaryBlight model which is evaluating for blossom blight is very well indicating infection situations of high economic impact. By this reason it is quite frequent used to indicate the use of antibiotics against this pathogen.

Cougarblight is giving information about the risk of fire blight infections do to the overall propagation possibilities of the pathogen. Its weighting done by the history of an orchard is very helpful to indicate us how carefully we have to check the orchards for fire blight symptoms even in situations where Mary Blight will not indicate an infection.

(c) Dr. Heinrich Denzer, Pessl Instruments GmbH, Weiz, 2008