The 6V-4Ah battery is connected to the iMetos ECO D3 board in the specific connector, the solar panel is connected to the solar panel connector.

Both power inputs are monitored by the iMetos ECO D3 in the same way as the rest of the sensors.

The iMetos ECO D3 will automatically change operational mode according with the charge level of the battery following these rules (also see picture below):

a) If the battery drops to 6V data logging continues but data transmission quits until battery recovers adequate charge level supplied from the solar panel.

b) If the battery recovers the voltage value of 6,1V (before reaching the threshold of 5,3V) iMetos restarts data transmission without manual intervention.

c) If the battery reaches the limit of 5.3V iMetos enters sleep mode and quits also data logging. To escape from sleep mode manual reset will be needed after the battery recovers the proper charge level.