Graphical Presentation of Fire Blight on Pears


In FieldClimate.com the two fireblight models are displayed in one graph. The Cougar Blight model is named Fire Blight DIV and the Maryblight model is named Blossomblight. To interpret the Cougar Blight results the graph is underlaid by 5 different colours. The distribution of this colours is made on base of the settings on the first blight history of the orchard. The 5 colours are indicating the risk class for the DIV values. 

The opportunity of an Blossom Infection is indicated by a bar ranging from 0 - 1 (conditions are fullfilled or not) in the same graph. Settings about history of the orchard are not integrated into this model. Each time a bar with blossom infection is calculated in FieldClimate.com is an infection with fireblight!