Modelling European Grapevine Berry Moth in FieldClimate.com

Sensor needed: Air temperature

hourly dataOutput: Flight activity, Egg laying activity, first generation, second generation and third generation, accumulated degree days

For flight activity, egg and good egg laying activities: we check the data of the last 8 hours (between 19:00 p.m and 03:00 a.m.)  Threshold for flight acitivtiy is >12°C, for egg laying acitivity > 15°C and for good egg laying activity > 17°C. If all conditions for egg laying activity have been fullfilled we generate the first generation (= accumulated degree days). First generation +530 DD is second generation (if not predicted because of conditions before) . Second generation + 530 DD is third generation.

In the graph you see the occurrence of the first generation beginning of May (good conditions for all three acitivities of flight, egg laying and good egg laying) on about 469 degreedays accumulated. The flying of the second generation starts on the middle of June at about 1010 degree days accumulated and good temperature conditions for egg laying.