From the range of sensors produced by Decagon LTD we are supporting 2 capacitive soil moisture
sensors EC5 and HS10 and the soil moisture and conductivity sensor TE5. EC5 is a 5 cm long sensor in
the shape of a 2 legged fork. 10HS has the same shape but it is a 10 cm long and a little stronger than
its smaller co product. In an ideal soil it is possible to press these sensors into the ground. In this case you
might dig a hole down to the maximum depth you like to burry the sensor and you insert the lowest
sensor straight into ground and the other sensors will be pressed into the site walls of the hole.


As soon as you have structured organic matter or stones in the soil this way of installation is not
possible. In this case you will have to dig a trench and to make smaller holes with the different depths
you like to install the sensors. Take some of the soil of the different holes and mix it carefully with water
to form a slurry a dry as possible. Insert this slurryinto the hole and now you can insert the sensor vertically
into this slurry. The cables can be buried in the trench.

The PCB supporting the ECH2O sensors can take 3 sensors. It is possible to connect a wide range of
different sensors to this PCB. Therefore a compound with 10 dip switches is on this PCB. 9 of this switches
are needed. The first 3 switches are for sensor 1, Switch 4 to 6 is for sensor 2 and switch 7 to 9 is for sensor
3. If an EC5 is connected the switches have to be off, off, off. A HS 10 sensor needs the settings On, Off,
Off. The TE5 sensor for soil moisture and conductivity needs the setting On, On, Off.